Gabrielle Keller Photography
"are you raising a racist""millions are walled off from the american dream""a boy's dream""the burdens of memory""accuser becomes the accused""where can I be safe and at home""turkish shop target in Germany""hurry, sale ends""few admit to being victims""Sadam Hussein""utterly hilarious""aims to reduce homelessness"
"Notes in Four Voices"
available size: 16"x20"
polaroid type 55 negative silver gelatin prints

edition consists of 10 prints each

" ..prints from the series Notes in Four Voices, make a wonderful addition to our photograph collection. For me the enigmatic autobiographic associations also resonate with the complicated nature of family and societal relationships. Your photographs become maps to social behavior whether at home at play or at work - maps which are artificial, but nevertheless, on which we depend to navigate decorum and sanity."

Deborah Martin Kao
Richard L. Menschel Curator of Photography
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum
Cambridge, MA